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    I am going to install an aftermarket subwoofer and amp, and have purchased the LC2i to use for my LOC since I still have the stock ST1 head unit. I am curious what speaker wires I should run into the LC2i for the subwoofer signal and how would I do that. Should I just use the stock subwoofer...
  2. Focus ST Electronics
    I know, I know "use the search bar, you [email protected]$$ ".. I swear I tried, but I'm kinda dumb, not gonna lie. That being said, I just bought my subwoofer upgrade and plan on building the box for it this weekend. I got a Rockford Fosgate R2-500x1 amp and was planning on running hi level signal to it...
  3. Focus ST Electronics
    Has anyone found any better 8” subs lately that will fit In the stock enclosure that sounds better than stock. Yeah I’ve read the other discussions where it mentions the RF P3s and the kicker comp crt just want to see if there’s more options now? Louder and crisper bass than the stock Sony subs...
1-3 of 3 Results