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  1. Focus ST Discussions
    Hey Focus Freaks, I drive a 2017 ST with a stock down pipe, ford performance cat-back, and a Turbosmart Bov. I recently sold my Cobb AP due to no support for tunes running flex fuel and ended up switching back to my Ford Performance tune. I got bored of rarely getting to hear pops and bangs...
  2. Focus ST Discussions
    just got a new map from stratified. this is my first time re tuning since the green speed update. I put the tune on (keep in mind i am fully catless) and its not throwing a o2 code which i was told it would. but im wondering if its because when i plugged my accessport in and it asked me to...
  3. TB Performance Products
    I don’t why but on my ap it says that the focus st only makes 190 hp and when on stock it says 270 is this a problem? Stratified tune might have an issue but it feels decent nothing really noticeable
  4. Focus ST Discussions
    Hey all, I’ve got a ford performance Catback exhaust and am switching over to an AWE track exhaust tomorrow. I am tuned by Stratified and was wondering if it’s safe to keep the tune on while I switch the exhaust over to the AWE track edition or if it’s recommended/just better to unmarry the...
  5. Focus ST Discussions
    Hi all, I got a blow off valve back in July and drove a month on it and had little to 0 problems. I got a flash tune from stratified recently and it worked well but then started acting strange. RPMs would rise when the clutch was put in, and then when I would put it in neutral it would...
  6. Focus ST Performance
    Hey everyone I was wondering if I buy the stratified apv3 will it come with stratified maps for stage 1 2 3 etc in addition to the Cobb ots tunes and then crackle or everytime I upgrade will I have to get a new stratified tune
  7. Focus ST Discussions
    hey so i recently uploaded stratified crackle pop tune onto my accessport and into my st. however, i dont hear any crackles and pops, i have a muffler and resonator delete and stock cat. anyone have any solutions? i did notice the difference in the aggressive throttle mapping.
  8. Focus ST Discussions
    I have been running my Stratified tune for a couple months now, and I absolutely love it. The only problem is I can’t figure out how to have the traction control stay on. Evert time my AP turns off the traction control goes back to off. Any idea how I can change this?
  9. Focus ST Discussions
    Hey Guys, Yesterday I made a post which i discussed me throwing a code for my upstream o2 which may be bad, so today i tried to go about it myself and fix it. I made my way all the way through til i got to the o2 sensor and was unable to twist it off to remove it. So i decided to put everything...
  10. Focus ST Discussions
    I have been doing a lot of research into possible modifications for my FOST. I have saved up enough money for an accessport and am thinking of going for a stratified tune. I only have a MBRP catback exaust, air filter, and bov. Should I do any modifications prior to getting a customized tune? Do...
  11. Parts Wanted
    Any 4 port fuel set up will suffice. Just need it in perfect working condition and a fair price.
  12. Focus ST Builds
    Whats up guys? My name is Nic and I am currently on deployment. I'll be coming home here in a few months and I have big plans for the ST when I do. I wanted to make a build thread so I can take you guys with me on my adventure since I'll be building from sub 300whp all the way to almost 450whp...
  13. Focus ST Discussions
    Hi guys kinda knowledgeable about cars but not really just looking to seek some info. currently I have the ford performance racing exhaust on my 2016 st and I’m looking to get the stratified tune with the progressive pops option. would this tune work with the exhaust I have? And would my stock...
1-13 of 13 Results