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stratified tune
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    hey guys I have a question about the cel for having a catless downpipe. if I buy the Stratified Flash tune will they disable the Cel that the catless downpipe throws? I currently am on the stock tune due to having a SCT and not a Cobb and I am going to buy a Cobb AP and get a Strat tune as well.
  2. Focus ST Builds
    Hello all, I’ve been on this forum for quite a while, building my fost in silence behind the scenes of this all. I figured it was time to share what I’m working with. Garage queen and not my daily. Currently sitting with a full stage 3 with strat e30 high torque tune. I’m the process of...
  3. Stratified Automotive Controls
    I just recently installed a stage two tune by stratified. And I was doing some pulls and when I WOT in 2nd gear as soon as I hit 5000 rpm my car has a big hiccup. I haven’t tried pushing it past the 5000 rpm yet. But when it hits that 5000 it dosent feel good. Every other gear is completely...
  4. Focus ST Performance
    Hey everyone I was wondering if I buy the stratified apv3 will it come with stratified maps for stage 1 2 3 etc in addition to the Cobb ots tunes and then crackle or everytime I upgrade will I have to get a new stratified tune
  5. Focus ST Accessories
    Hey all, I recently purchased an SCT X4 Programmer and I am ultimately wanting to run a stratified tune but I read somewhere that they are only compatible with the Cobb Accessport. Is this true? Or am I able to load a stratified tune to the SCT X4 instead? If I am not able to load a stratified...
  6. Dyno 02.04.2021 W GTX2867R - COBB GESI Catted Down Pipe - TB Performance Resonator Delete - St...JPG

    Stock Turbo vs GEN2 GTX2867R - Power Adders (GTX2867R, COBB GESI Catted Down Pipe, CP-E Core Intercooler, JBR (Intake, Hot Pipe, Cold Pipe) Tial BOV, TB Performance Resonator Delete. Still on Stock after Resonator Delete Exhaust.
  7. Focus ST Discussions
    hey so i recently uploaded stratified crackle pop tune onto my accessport and into my st. however, i dont hear any crackles and pops, i have a muffler and resonator delete and stock cat. anyone have any solutions? i did notice the difference in the aggressive throttle mapping.
  8. Focus ST Maintenance
    So i put the stratified tune on i have intake bov charge pipes intercooler catless dp and exhaust but the tune has lead to a rish smell from the exhaust my afr on the low has gotten to 10.00 i know your not really supposed to do that but best i have right now gas mileage seems to be burning a...
  9. Focus ST Performance
    I installed a new Mishimoto intercooler, some step colder spark plugs gapped to 0.025, and installed my Stratified Tune. In my first few pulls, I was pushing 23.5 lbs boost, intake temps were very very low, and it feels great. However, it's not the night and day performance I was expecting. Yes...
1-9 of 9 Results