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  1. Focus ST Performance
    Hello! I bought a 2016 Focus ST and I want to change the oem airfilter with a k&n filter so I can just wash it so I don't have to buy a new filter every time and the lid of the Focus RS air-box because I like the sound of forced induction, and I want to know if I have to tune the car in any...
  2. Focus ST Discussions
    -Edit- Based on the advice I have been kindly given here, I will be retaining the oil catch can, and I will be switching to a higher quality diverter valve. I still am on the hunt for the factory air box and included components, but I will be checking local junk yards for this. Thank you very...
  3. Parts for Sale
    A. Item for sale/trade : Stock Oem coilovers left and right assemblies off of a 13' Focus ST, roughly 100k on them. Also stock oem end links they're straight and bushings still bush. These are perfect for anyone who wants to install lowering springs! Or upgraded struts! B. Condition: Coilovers...
    $150 USD
  4. Focus ST Accessories
    Has anyone replaced the tips on their stock exhaust? I was considering doing it as I'm taking my car to an exhaust shop for a res delete this Wednesday, and I was thinking about having the stock ones cut off and nice round ones replace them while I'm there. From my measurements a 2.5" inlet...
  5. Sold Sold Sold
    2014 Ford Focus ST - ST3 Package Super Clean 58,360 miles $11,800 Dubuque, Iowa I have for sale my 2014 Ford Focus ST Trim level ST3. It has the 2.0 Turbo motor and 6-speed manual transmission with 58,360 miles currently on it. Stock they have 252 HP and 270 lb/ft of torque. However mine has...
  6. Parts for Sale
    Item for sale/trade (model, specs, etc.): Ford OEM Shift Arm Condition: Used Condition; 20k miles Price/What you want to trade for: Obo Location of item: Roswell/Alpharetta Ga.
  7. Parts for Sale
    Item for sale/trade (model, specs, etc.): Ford OEM Intake Condition: Good Condition; 6k miles Price/What you want to trade for: Obo Location of item: Roswell/Alpharetta Ga.
  8. Focus ST Discussions
    hey guys just got an ST about a month ago and my AP finally came in! I was just wondering if running E30 on a stock ( cobb air filter, symposer delete, RMM.) ST is safe and okay???? I’m in the midwest and we only have 91 premium. Is that okay to mix for E30?
  9. Focus ST Appearance
    Hey folks, Hopefully quick and easy question to answer. I was just wondering if the non ST trims had the same hood fitment as the ST. If so am I correct in thinking that any 2012-2014 hood would fit an ST? Thanks!
  10. Focus ST Discussions
    I purchased a mountune fmic, velossatech snorkel and a k&n drop in filter. I’m satisfied with the stock tune for now but I hate the heat soaking so i’m doing what I think will keep my temps in check. Are these bolt-ons safe to run for an extended period of time? May do frpp or mountune tune down...
  11. Focus ST UAE
    Hello my dear ST owners. I am in the lookout for a 2014 Ford Focus ST stock exhaust. I currently have Roush exhaust (clean and neatly installed at Al Tayer 3 years back) used for around 50000km. I am looking for a stock exhaust for exchange or for sale. I've kept my stock exhaust in the...
1-12 of 12 Results