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  1. Focus ST Discussions
    What should be the first MOD I do to my new FoST?....performance (which one)....or cosmetic (which one)?
  2. Focus ST Purchasing
    What would be a good price to pay for a 2018 ST3 with under 50K. I found one for 25K. Is that too much? Car does not look to have any mods, no accidents, and 1 owner. Thoughts? Car is in Texas.
  3. Focus ST Builds
    Hey guys! I've been poking around here since 2016, but figured I would start a build thread as a place to keep track of the mods on the ST. Since the car is my daily, the overall goal is to have a clean, reliable vehicle that's decently quick. If you have any suggestions or questions, let me...
  4. West / West Coast Owners
    Hey all! Earlier this year 2021, I sold my White 2017 ST3 to a SoCal Kia dealer. I bought that ST at ~11,000 miles and sold it at ~35,000 miles, about two years before I traded it in for a Stinger GT2. It looks like it has been sold about a month ago as I received an email (lol) saying the car...
  5. Focus ST Discussions
    Has anyone installed a dsr1 in the factory sony system. I got a 2013 with the sony system and the fo2 wiring harness doesn't just plug up to the stock amp. Do i have to splice up the wires anyone have a detailed video or forum as too how they installed this thanks
  6. Focus ST Photo/Videos
    Everyone post your winter tire/wheel setups and let’s compare our rides! Include your state or province you live in and vehicle specs Here is mine to start off, 2016 Focus ST3, DAI Apex wheels, michelin x ice tires Taken outside of Guelph, Canada
  7. Focus ST Builds
    Hey guys and gals, After installing the last small couple of things I’m left wondering what to do next to my build. And I was also wondering what stage my build would be at with what I’ve put on its a 2013 focus st with the following mods: Cobb accessport Cobb RMM Cobb turbo-back exhaust + Cobb...
  8. Introductions
    Hello everyone! I’m fairly new to the st world. I got my 2014 focus st3 in October 2020 for $14k. 69k miles and came with Cobb accessport, stage 3 bolt on, and cpe Intercooler. I’m still trying to get used to how the car runs I came from a ‘19 Altima and before a 2010 Tacoma so I’m new to...
  9. Parts for Sale
    2014 Focus ST3 - Oxford White exterior - Black interior - Sony Audio - Full leather black Recaro heated seats. Used/Parting out. Reasonable offers accepted for most parts. (Will ship CAN/US for most things unless its huge or super heavy). $1000 CAD for the entire car, in current state at time of...
  10. 2018 Focus ST "Mako"

    I had been looking for a 2018 ST in this Blue Diamond Metallic color for months and finally found the perfect one for sale down in Virginia, However, I live in Connecticut. My dad and I drove down after selling my old Jeep and I ended up driving it 400 miles back and it was a blast. Crazy to...
  11. Focus ST Discussions
    Hey, I’m new to the forum and I just got my ‘18 MK3 but it was in a collision. I need to change the subframe but was wondering from what other models can I pull it from ? I did some research and it seems like any focus model from 2012 and up but just wanted to confirm with anyone. Thanks in...
  12. Cars For Sale
    Been looking for a little bit now and if anyone is selling please dm me or reply to this thread!
  13. Focus ST Discussions
    Hi everyone, Here's a little back story before I get into what I'm looking for answers about. I purchased my '13 FoST3 brand new back in February of 2013 with 80 miles on it. I recently paid it off last year and just hit 80K miles this summer. I have not done any major upgrades to the car...
  14. Focus ST Electronics
    Hey everyone, first post here. Some information for you: I'm at 51k kms, in Canada. Bought it Jan. 2017, and I have the TriCare Ultimate warranty (with powertrain) for 6 years or 180k kms. I just noticed the left lowbeam and highbeam lamp is burnt out at the same time and I checked fuses, none...
  15. Parts Wanted
    Hello All, I am looking to buy ST2 or ST3 recaro seats preferably from a 2015+ model, however I will take what I can get! I have immaculate (20k miles) ST1 seats if someone wants to trade with cash on my end obviously. I am located in the Bay Area of California! Let me know what you have!
1-15 of 15 Results