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  1. AWE
    So I just installed the awe track edition on my 2017 focus st with full bolt on and stage 3 tune. I was giddy just waiting to start the car... Man I've never had a smile disappear so fast. I cant believe that my 2 1/4 inch Flowmaster is louder and meaner then the awe. Im not sure what people...
  2. Focus ST Wheels and Tires
    Been searching for wheels that will work with Brembo brakes on my ST. I’m super new to learning about wheels sizes etc. Does anyone know if the TSW Bathurst Wheels (18”x8”) would fit Brembo Brakes?
  3. Focus ST Purchasing
    A week ago i bought a focus ST with 25k miles on it, it has a full exhaust, bov resonator delete and solid steeda motor mounts. When i test drove it it ran good and strong but i started noticing that on boost i feels like it stutters and missfires like hiccup any ideas of wat could it be the...