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    Hey all! Been lurking around the forum for a while so I thought I might as well register an account since I'm always on here. Just wanted to say my hellos ✌ So HELLO! 2017 Ford Focus ST, ST3 Package in Oxford White Purchased used May of 2019 with ~11k miles for around $28,000 (fees and other...
  2. Introductions
    Hello everyone, My name is Ron. I currently live in Charleston, SC. I've been in the Navy for 7 years now, with the last three spent at The Citadel. I've loved cars my whole life, and have been a German car guy for the last decade or so, owning two 3-series coupes, a 944 and a VW Tourareg. My...
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    hello, my name is Qian Qian, I have been worked for about three years. To be honest, I worked at Veswin Electronic Limited which is an electronic components distributor with many years of experience. In my spare time, I like doing yoga, traveling, cooking, writing and so on. I hope to make...
1-3 of 3 Results