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  1. Focus ST Performance
    so i’m looking to increase the pops & crackles from my exhaust but still want to keep the car reliable, just with more fun. currently as far as it goes with my exhaust i have a roush cat back exhaust and stock down pipe. i know i need a down pipe (suggestions?) and with that i need a tune...
  2. Focus ST Discussions
    Plan on buying a Roush Intake for my FoST. I live in CA so I need one that is CARB approved. Please watch this video from youtube (not mine) and forward it to 0:20 It flutters. I want to know if that is safe or normal when you install n CAI on FoST. Need a little help with why it flutters...
  3. Focus ST Accessories
    Hey guys! Planning to get Roush CAI (CARB) for my 2017 FoST soon. Some of the videos do flutter and some do not. It says from CJPony no tuning required. My question is, is fluttering good or normal/safe to your turbo or engine? Can someone explain to me why it would flutter if the answer is...
1-3 of 3 Results