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  1. Focus ST Discussions
    I guess I'm posting this in the right place. If not mods please move it. So I have read about fuel cut off, Ignition cut off and rev limiter when mashing the gas to the floor. My 2016 focus SE when mashed to the floor and left would hold about 4 grand on the tach. My 2017 ST (no tune just...
  2. Focus ST Discussions
    hello fam i was searching how to break boost for st i didn't find any one talked about so if someone has experience help use plz which gear i should be revs level and that's it regards hasan sandouka
  3. Focus ST Discussions
    Hi guys, I have seen many people on the internet 'spanking the limiter' (around 7200rpm) on their fost and although it sounds awesome I just cant bring myself to hitting the limiter like that.. Can you change this limit using gate Cobb Accessport so essentially I can change it to 6500rpm (for...
  4. Focus ST Discussions
    So I was previously tuned by stratified and the car preformed very well had no issues, today I went to go install my downpipe (accelatec high flow catted downpipe) and we got it in the i took it for a test drive, the minute I tried to open up and go wot in first gear my car sounded like it was...
  5. Focus ST Performance
    I think I just warped my head during street tuning with COBB AP V3. Engine has aux fueling, forged internals and g25 550 with external wastegate (downpipe, 3 inch exhaust and all other good things). I think it happened while hitting the rev limit (WOT). Coolant is leaking from head gasket but...
1-5 of 5 Results