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rev limiter
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    hello fam i was searching how to break boost for st i didn't find any one talked about so if someone has experience help use plz which gear i should be revs level and that's it regards hasan sandouka
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    Hi guys, I have seen many people on the internet 'spanking the limiter' (around 7200rpm) on their fost and although it sounds awesome I just cant bring myself to hitting the limiter like that.. Can you change this limit using gate Cobb Accessport so essentially I can change it to 6500rpm (for...
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    So I was previously tuned by stratified and the car preformed very well had no issues, today I went to go install my downpipe (accelatec high flow catted downpipe) and we got it in the i took it for a test drive, the minute I tried to open up and go wot in first gear my car sounded like it was...
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    I think I just warped my head during street tuning with COBB AP V3. Engine has aux fueling, forged internals and g25 550 with external wastegate (downpipe, 3 inch exhaust and all other good things). I think it happened while hitting the rev limit (WOT). Coolant is leaking from head gasket but...
1-4 of 4 Results