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    Hi I have a 2018 Focus ST and a few months ago I started hearing a metallic rattle sound underneath when I coast in any gear or decelerate. It’s loud but not too loud and only happens when I coast, it doesn’t happen on throttle. I have a Cobb Catback Exhaust and had it for almost two years now...
  2. Focus ST Maintenance
    Hello everyone! I recently bought my 2015 ST when I purchased it the owner provided me with the original clutch. he installed a ACT performance clutch (what the box says) and he said the rattle noise is normal with the upgraded clutch. I’ve also read here on the forum you can’t have a clutch...
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    Last winter I started noticing an engine RPM dependent rattle when the temperatures got into the 30's (Fahrenheit). Seems to be air temperature related more than engine temperature related. Searched and read a few posts relating to engine temperature related rattles, but they don't seem to...
1-3 of 3 Results