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  1. Sold Sold Sold
    A. Item for sale/trade: mountune aluminum radiator, both silicone hose kits B. Condition: NEW IN BOX C. Price/What you want to trade for: $550 - price lowered to reflect current market D. Location of item: Easton PA E. Picture of item Application: 2013-2018 Focus ST mountune Tripple Pass...
  2. Focus ST Accessories
    So I have some questions. I'll start off by saying I don't track my car just some highway pulls here and there. I'm looking to upgrade my radiator to help it stay cool and wondering what do you guys prefer from Mishimoto, mountune, koyo or any other radiatorout there . I'm about to order the...
  3. Focus ST Maintenance
    My 2013's A/C has started crapping out on me. Specifically at idle. Coolant temps are going above 210+ at times with the A/C on. Engine starts to overheat until I turn the A/C off. If I start going faster, it will start to cool down. I can hear the A/C compressor kicking in after I start moving...
1-3 of 3 Results