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    Alright. I have a focus st with a custom exhaust setup and stock downpipe. No tune but I’m wondering why on decel why my exhaust pops so god damn loud. Some people think it’s cool but didn’t ask for it so If it’s not rich what could that be? My lady said fireballs come out when it pops too. Just...
  2. Focus ST Performance
    I like popping, I want a crackle tune, but this just isn't right. definitely not tuned for this either. I'm no mechanic (obviously), but from what I could gather it sounds like shes running lean. i only cut off the resonator, could that have something to do with it?
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    Hi ihave ford focus st 2013 With stock exhaust resonator delete And green air filter And i have cobb accessport with stage 1 98 ron map And i would like to have pops and bangs to my car so is it possible
  4. Focus ST Performance
    so i’m looking to increase the pops & crackles from my exhaust but still want to keep the car reliable, just with more fun. currently as far as it goes with my exhaust i have a roush cat back exhaust and stock down pipe. i know i need a down pipe (suggestions?) and with that i need a tune...
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    Is there a way to get large pops without a tune??? i have a 2017 Focus ST with a resonator and muffler delete and occasionally i will get loud pops. but it’s rare and i want more. is there a method to get the car to do this more?
1-5 of 5 Results