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please help
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    I was driving home from work, and just cruising and suddenly all my gauges went to 0 like they were not working, speedometer went to 0, oil, temperatures went to zero, the car was still driving normally, warning lights on the dash came on, power steering not working, headlight not working...
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    Noticed leaking onto the floor mat. Looks to be coming from the clutch pedal? Haven’t noticed anything else going on with the car.
  3. Focus ST Maintenance
    Hi guys I've been having a miss fire on my focus st 2013 the miss fire is from cylinder 1 what could be the problem? Thanks in advance
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    Hey guys, I read past discussions and couldn't find any info on this. I'm getting code "p144c" and it refers to the "canister purge solenoid". I want to know if this falls into the category of the recall for the "purge valve". If it does, I should be able to get it fixed for free. I have a 2014...
1-4 of 4 Results