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o2 sensor

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    How hard is it, (if possible at all) to replace the bank 1 sensor 1 mainstream o2 sensor on the Focus st? Really don't feel like removing the downpipes to take the o2 sensor off and don't really have the time to.
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    so i recently had a crackle pop tune, i took it off after running it for a week. I don’t have a catless downpipe and i took the time off 2 weeks ago. The other day i had a check engine light pop up so i scanned the code. it was for the o2 sensor bank 1. My ST doesn’t backfire anymore like...
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    check engine light popped up last night. I ran a crackle pop tune for a week then i took it off a couple weeks ago and went back to normal (no tune). should i be worried or can i drive on this to work?
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    Which o2 defouler actually works and fits with the downpipe so I don’t have fitment issues on my ‘17 fost.