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  1. Focus ST Maintenance
    I just bought this Focus St3 with 145k miles just a month ago she sounded really good when I got her but now is making this really bad noise from the drivers side , I have a cob stage 1 93oct tune , cpe catted downpipe, turbo back exhaust , intake… any help will be much appreciated!!
  2. Focus ST Maintenance
    Greetings, everyone! First post here. Apologies if I'm posting it in the wrong sub-forum. In any case, I recently got a 2014 Focus ST2. It's a little rough around the edges, and it's got a lot of miles (150k km) It does have one concerning sound, and it gets even more intense at higher RPMs...
  3. Focus ST Discussions
    Has anyone seen this before? It sounds like its coming from just above the throttle. I only hear it around 45 and up. It started with only while holding a steady coast speed. Over the last month or two it has gotten worse, and now I'm hearing it without touching the pedal and with some travel...
  4. Focus ST Performance
    I like popping, I want a crackle tune, but this just isn't right. definitely not tuned for this either. I'm no mechanic (obviously), but from what I could gather it sounds like shes running lean. i only cut off the resonator, could that have something to do with it?
  5. Focus ST Maintenance
    Already posted on Reddit; ----------------------------------------------------------- Hi guys, I've had this 2015 Focus ST for a couple of weeks now and maybe it's my imagination but after driving on a motorway, respectfully giving it some push at times - tends to bring on this noise louder...
  6. Focus ST Discussions
    I own a 2013 ford focus st, I recently have been hearing a chattering noise from the bottom the of the car. As time went on the noise has gotten louder. But everytime I press the clutch in, the chattering noise went away and the car ran perfectly fine while idle and moving. Fast forward, i was...
  7. Focus ST Discussions
    Do y'alls transmissions make a clacking noise when shifting? It's loudest when I'm moving, and especially noisy when I'm shifting hard. No other sounds, and I can only hear it when the windows are down. Clutch, clack clank clack, clutch cruise. I'm assuming this is just part of having a sporty...
  8. Focus ST Discussions
    Recently joined so not sure exactly where to post this. I recently upgraded my turbo from a GT3071 to a GTX3076 along with a transmission upgraded (synchros/lsd). Since that time I’ve been hearing this sound which I can’t identify. From a start you hear it but it’s faint when my car is at...
  9. Focus ST Discussions
    Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum and new to the ST platform. I was hoping with such a largo community here someone might be able to help me out with a little issue I’m having with my car. The issue I’m having is when driving the car and pushing the throttle down hard enough to start...
  10. Focus ST Discussions
    Hello i recently purchased a used 2014 Ford Focus ST, i’ve had the car for about a 3 weeks now and i’m starting to hear this strange sort of grinding or like scratching.. it’s extremely loud and is strictly dependent upon rpms. rpms go up the sound increases. no matter what speed i’m going...
  11. Focus ST Discussions
    I have a 2014 focus st ST3 w/ 56k miles on it, I have a clicking/clunking noise when turning left or right, when going up driveways and when accelerating or reversing.. rear he’s alittle and torn between struts and axles... Would really appreciate some help!
  12. Focus ST Maintenance
    I know a lot of people post about the usual rattle that comes from the right side of the engine but this is different. I took the cover off my air filter to hear what all the talks about and found out I had a k&m air filter. I had no idea since I bought it from a dealership thinking it was...
  13. Focus ST Discussions
    Hey so I wana get the natural intake Noises from the turbo .Like the bov and flutter noises from the bpv. I took off the intake cover and hear it nicely but when you close the hood you don’t hear a thing. Any input on making it louder? Many thanks in advance
1-13 of 13 Results