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    Hello I just got my 2016 focus st yesterday and ive been driving it like crazy, I love the car so much it sounds incredible! Only issue i see now is the sound symposer, its droning like crazy after 3k, bought a block off already and now waiting. Do you guys think a stratified tune is worth it...
  2. Introductions
    Bought my Ford Focus in November. Loving it more and more as the days go on and it gets warmer outside. I Haven't modified anything yet but I'm probably going to start with new wheels and setting aside my stock rims for some winter tires. I have plenty of ideas on what i would like to change on...
  3. Focus ST Discussions
    Hello, I'm sorry in advance if there was a certain part of the forum I had to go to post this, I couldn't find anything... So I'm currently looking into buying an ST, I was looking at Fiesta's in particular but I stumbled upon a 2013 Fiesta ST deal... I got a few questions :D First off, I...
1-3 of 3 Results