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    Hi All, A couple of weeks ago I was on the motorway when my car decided to stop accelerating, felt like I had no power & no boost for about 15/20 minutes afterwards. Ever since, the car has felt a little bit sluggish in 3rd & 4th, Second it still has a kick, but the noise the exhaust makes...
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    Hi Guys, I live in Australia and looking for this type of rear diffuser Macon makes. Does anyone know any Australian brands that make this or any international online stores that can ship to me without paying 200Dollars for shipping? Even if you know a look alike from a Chinese brand or like...
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    MK3.5 ST steering wheel for sale it’s in good shape after only 33k miles. Does have lite wear (right buttons) and not much wear on the leather. See pictures and message me for questions. Asking $140 or best offer + s/h
1-3 of 3 Results