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    Alright guys, here’s a backstory. Did a engine swap for the 6th time. Now I put on a GTX 3071 .86 ar with a tial external wastegate. I just did the first startup with the car and it was running great I gave it some throttle now the motor is skipping acting like it’s blown a piston which isn’t...
  2. Focus ST Maintenance
    So today while I was on my lunch break at work, I noticed a few slight pops coming from my car, then CEL came on and this is what I got. Never had an issue before, everything was fine on my way to work. I’m stumped. Spark plugs have less than 20000 on them, don’t have to tools at home to pull...
  3. Focus ST Maintenance
    Hi guys I've been having a miss fire on my focus st 2013 the miss fire is from cylinder 1 what could be the problem? Thanks in advance
1-3 of 3 Results