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    Mbrp rs exhaust -MSW 18 inch -fswerks intake -Sct custom dyno tune -Cobb short throw shifter -Steeda clutch spring
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    Hey guys, I’m Tyler new to the forum, been reading this forum and using it for questions and troubleshooting since I bought my ST in 2016 Im looking for input I recently installed a JBend Defouler with the medium bung on my ST, installed facing the vband,I run the MBRP Catted Downpipe, Stage 3...
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    I got my MBRP with a Depo catless downpipe I and I'm not too happy with it. I was thinking of straight piping the muffler and leaving the resonator. Anyone done this and could possibly send me a clip?
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    Just got it put together about a week ago. Just thought I would post a clip in case anyone else was considering.
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    Hey guys, pretty new with Focus ST. I just got my 2017 ST a month a go and looking for a good exhaust in CA. I am torn between AWE Track or MBRP XP 3 both catback. Any feedback from anyone? Looking for a little head turner and no drone at all. Thank you guys!