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  1. COBB Tuning
    Well. I plugged my Cobb AP in and updated to stage 1 91 octane after saving stock, blahblah. My clutch started slipping after 20 minutes. Also the dash doesn't know what gear I'm in. Purchased stock at at 26k and I've put 6k on it in 2yrs with; -Mods- Mbrp exhaust, boomba BOV 1 of 3 holes...
  2. Focus ST Maintenance
    Car info: 2014 Focus St Relevant mods: Straight piped Cobb tuner (running on eco when it happened) tldr; Highway speed throttle did not respond to gas pedal. Restart “fixed” it. Not sure what to poke around with or just take it into a shop. So the other day I was out on the highway about 15...
  3. Focus ST Electronics
    Heloo, 2 days ago i recived error on my screen, as the title says it was "Headlamp malfunction, service required". I saw that there is already simmilar thread but not answere by anyone so i ll try my luck :). Im driving 2017 Focus ST3 with HID headlights. I noticed that my passenger side...
1-3 of 3 Results