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led lighting

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    Hey guys, I’m new here and did some browsing but couldn’t find much info on this. Has anyone installed aftermarket interior LEDs similar to what come with the ST3 package? I’m wondering how easy this would be to do, and if anyone could recommend a kit they purchased online. Thanks in advance!
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    Need aftermarket headlights and taillights for my 2013 focus st Located in Buffalo NY
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    There are a few LED DRL kits available for the regular Focus models and they are a bit pricey. Nothing available for the ST yet either but I am sure they won't be cheap either. Well I came up with an alternative. Would be pretty easy to do too and would require only drilling a small hole in...
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    Just stumbled across these while checking out a site I used to buy Euro parts from. Says they fit the MK3. Wonder how easy of a swap it would be. Very tempting.