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kona blue

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    You all read the title, little did we know we’ve been ridding JDM. This poor car is absolutely trashed imo, but they say small cosmetic issues. Opinions? The missing fog light/bumper chunks depress me. They’re asking $7,500 but I’m thinking about offering like $3.50, maybe put it in the hands...
  2. Focus ST Appearance
    Does anyone on here have racing stripes on a Kona Blue ST? Looking to spice up the appearance a little bit and not sure how stripes would look with the flakey paint. pls no judge xD (I am stage 3+ going 4 port aux fuel and have a GTX 2867 Gen 2 R ready to be put on, so i can justify the speed...
  3. Best Color Kona Blue

    Best Color Kona Blue

    Instagram has full list of mods
  4. Cars For Sale
    A. Item for sale/trade: 2016 Ford Focus ST, ST3 package with extra wheels and tires. ~53,500 miles in Kona Blue. For Sale B. Condition: Good/Excellent C. Price: $16,500 D. Location of item: Northern NJ. Up for sale is my 2016 Ford Focus ST, ST3 package. It has all options, including carbon...