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  1. Sold Sold Sold
    A. ITEM for SALE: JBR Stage 2 Rear Torque mount with 80 Durometer Bushing B. Condition: USED C. Price: $100 D. Location of item: Arizona This is an awesome mount, however I ended up switching to all CP-E mounts. You will get a good amount of vibration and noise from this mount. However, it...
  2. Dyno 02.04.2021 W GTX2867R - COBB GESI Catted Down Pipe - TB Performance Resonator Delete - St...JPG

    Stock Turbo vs GEN2 GTX2867R - Power Adders (GTX2867R, COBB GESI Catted Down Pipe, CP-E Core Intercooler, JBR (Intake, Hot Pipe, Cold Pipe) Tial BOV, TB Performance Resonator Delete. Still on Stock after Resonator Delete Exhaust.
  3. 20201030_172234.jpg

    JBR, Fortune Auto, Swift Springs, Steeda
  4. Focus ST Builds
    Hello y'all! Been a lurker since 2013 and an owner of a Magnetic 2018 since June of 2018. It is/was an st3 with premium wheels. Before tax, registration and the 100k mile maintenance plan the car was 24k off the lot. Always been too lazy to make a build post till now. I guess I might as well...
  5. James Barone Racing
    It would appear that the makers of front-wheel drive cars with engines that are making any kind of power have forgotten or chosen to ignore what it takes to get that power to the ground. Instead, they've equipped these performance cars with engine mounts that have only comfort in mind. Well what...
1-5 of 5 Results