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  1. Focus ST Appearance
    Just recently finished up swapping the center console of my 2013 ST2 for facelift parts. My local junkyard got a 2015 SE in (unfortunately it wasn't Sync 3 equipped car), which was my donor for most of the pieces. The rest I got from eBay. I wasn't able to find much info about doing the...
  2. Focus ST Discussions
    Hello to my fellow ST owners, I got my 2014 ST3 about 8 months ago and when I bought it, it had a slight split in the dashboard right at the seam of the passenger airbag. After a while the seam started to grow larger and now I am slightly concerned for the airbag and my dash. Anyone got any...
  3. Parts for Sale
    A. Item for sale/trade: Weather Tech front floor mats, will fit all MK3 models B. Condition: used C. Price/What you want to trade for: $60 D. Location of item: Easton PA Used Weathertech front floor mats, black, prefer local sale but will ship at buyers expense.
    $60 USD
  4. Focus ST Accessories
    I was wondering if there is any aftermarket st badge for my 2014 steering wheel. I have been searching and can’t find one. Appreciate any help I can get.
  5. Focus ST Appearance
    Hi all, first time post here, and fairly new to the st club after getting my 2016 ST3 :) The one scratch I have in the interior is below, not a big one but it is irritating me and ideally I want to hide or remove it. Any suggestions please? Given this is the shiny plastic, I feel like sanding...
  6. Focus ST Discussions
    Hi all! Figured I would share some interior modifications I did to my 2018 st. Decided to custom make an alcantara shift boot and e brake boot. Also covered the shift bezel and shift knob in alcantara. If anyone has done anything similar, please share! Always looking for new ideas.
  7. Focus ST Appearance
    Not sure when this happened but I noticed it today. Does anyone know if this is "normal" or is there a way I can fix it? 2016 Focus St3 The other side is nice and tight.
1-7 of 7 Results