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  1. Focus ST Discussions
    Hi, all sorry for all the questions this week... I'm currently looking to add a little bit of induction/turbo sound to my 2013 Focus ST (I do already have a K&N drop-in), It is a stock car with 190k km/118k miles. However, I don't want to damage my turbo with these after-market parts and want...
  2. Focus ST Australia
    Hi there what is the recommended adjustment for the gfb DV+ adjustable on focus st full reserc or 50/50 futter upto 3000rpm would be cool looking at full mountune intake with boost tube. thank you in advance
  3. Focus ST Australia
    Is it ok to run the rs airbox to cover with the mountune intake kit/filter/boost pipes and gfb dv+ bov. im guessing higher intake temps? anyone else run the rs top intake cover on st? just wanting more intake sound and turbo sounds flutter up to 3k on lift off. do I adjust the gfb dv+ 50/50 to...
  4. Focus ST Maintenance
    So as requested from a few users on my previous post about my new 2015 Ford Focus ST-3 here are some photos of the engine bay. I need some advice because I want to make sure I do stuff to this car that will help my car run at its fullest potential But I always not want to go crazy over the top...
  5. Focus ST Discussions
    So I have a 2013 (PFL) ST and looking at a local used FL Takeda intake off a 2016 ST. Will it fit? Anything you can do to make it fit if it doesn't?
  6. Focus ST Discussions
    I have a bone stock 13 Focus ST with about 115k miles on er. I'm looking into getting a cold air intake strictly for sound. I'm looking at the air flow dynamics CAI as an affordable intake. Will link. Will install this or any other ST specific cold air intake affect my car in a negative way if I...
  7. Focus ST Discussions
    I’m trying to install a cp-e intake on my 2017 st2 from a previous depo-racing intake. (Previous owner, never got to know them since the car was from an auction) Depo-racing I assume uses the factory piece seen in image 1 to house the sensor shown. (I’m gonna be honest I don’t know what sensor...
  8. Focus ST Accessories
    I have a 2013 FOST ST3 (Bone Stock) and looking to upgrade to an RS airbox lid with possible pairing it with an intake inlet elbow, snorkel and grill shutter delete? Does this provide and good sound? Does it change temps at all good or bad? Does it have any negative effects? Thanks, any info is...
  9. Focus ST Accessories
    Hi! Would love to purchase one of Velossa Tech’s ram air intakes for my ST but there’s a part on the instructions that says I have the option of cutting into some part on the car. I attached the picture for reference but was wondering if that’s something that is optional. Do I have to cut into...
  10. Focus ST Maintenance
    I got a used depo intake not realizing the fitting for the breather hose was missing, anyone know what size the fitting is?
  11. Focus ST Discussions
    Been searching forums everywhere for a while now, maybe I’m just not looking in the right places. Everybody and their godamn mother has their K&N intake that just doesn’t stick out to me. I’ve personally never seen Individual throttle bodies with the open intake on an ecoboost and I’m curious if...
  12. Focus ST Maintenance
    So I’ve recently run into an issue with my Cobb intake rubbing a hole in my AC line. Not sure if it was something I did during install but even after replacement and refitment it still rubbed. I had to end up bending the new line a bit to give clearance. Here’s a pic of the new line before...
  13. Focus ST Discussions
    Hey guys, I recently bought a COBB CAI from a buddy, but it's missing the coupler for the turbo side of the aluminum tubing. Am I correct in assuming that the factory stuff down there won't connect with the intake tubing? If not, what could be my options? Does anyone sell just the couplers...
  14. Parts for Sale
    A. Item for sale/trade all stock parts pictured B. Condition: used, all good working condition with 5k miles or less C. Price/What you want to trade for: pm for prices, will discount bundles. D. Location of item: Cary, NC E. Picture of item
  15. Focus ST Discussions
    Currently on my ST I’m running an injen CAI, AWE track edition catback exhaust, and the turbo smart BOV. I’m wondering if I get a catless downpipe will I need a tune? Bc I’m running stock tune right now and want to keep it that way.
  16. Focus ST Accessories
    Hey guys , currently purchased the intake tube from fswerks. I currently have a cattless downpipe, custom exhaust, And BOV, will I notice a difference in noise or possibly even a drive difference ? Thanks
  17. Focus ST Maintenance
    I've done 54k miles and have come to the conclusion that CP-E's intake is causing the P04DB CEL to display on my 17' Focus. With the car mapped or stock and the CP-E CAI installed the P04DB CEL displays randomly after 1-5k miles. Reinstalling the stock intake clears the CEL in about 30 miles...
  18. Focus ST Discussions
    Plan on buying a Roush Intake for my FoST. I live in CA so I need one that is CARB approved. Please watch this video from youtube (not mine) and forward it to 0:20 It flutters. I want to know if that is safe or normal when you install n CAI on FoST. Need a little help with why it flutters...
  19. Focus ST Maintenance
    I just purchased a 2015 ST2 with 49k miles, and I’ve read a lot about the carbon buildup on the intake valves. I was just wondering if anyone knows of a place to get them walnut blasted? Will a ford dealer do it?
  20. Introductions
    Preciate everyone in the forum and all the great info. Please feel free to comment & educate me if you see or think of anything that jumps out. I'm always learning and grateful for any advice. My current vehicle : Daily Driver / Bought @ 5k Has 33k Now 2017 ST1 "Gertrude" White W/ Gold Wheels...
1-20 of 21 Results