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im a noob
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    So I’m completely new when it comes to the ins and outs of cars. I know some things but not very much detail so please spare me. I loved this car for awhile and it’s been a dream come true to buy one. It seems the previous owner before me loaded this car up, I believe this car has an ecu tune...
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    I’m looking to be upgrading my clutch/flywheel/throw out bearing in the next few months along with my synchros and I just wanted to know what other things I should upgrade or replace when I have it done. Any seals/bearings etc I’ll need to replace? Thanks in advance
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    On my 2014 focus st, I need to replace both my emblems but when I went on amazon, one of the emblems that comes in a pack of two has screws? I looked at my emblems and they appear to be stuck on with emblem glue. Can anyone help me with this?
1-3 of 3 Results