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    I live in a small city in Indiana. Unfortunately, my apartment neighbors constantly feed the deer and birds so there are all kinds of critters near my house. Today I got in my car to find it smelling kind of strange, a little like a dead animal on the side of the road but very very faint. I...
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    Alright, first off I’ll admit I totally screwed up. I read a bunch about FORScan and then proceeded to buy the adapter and use it on my newly aquired 2018 ST. First thing everyone said is to backup before you make changes… so I did. The problem is I only made a backup of one of the modules...
  3. Focus ST Performance
    I like popping, I want a crackle tune, but this just isn't right. definitely not tuned for this either. I'm no mechanic (obviously), but from what I could gather it sounds like shes running lean. i only cut off the resonator, could that have something to do with it?
  4. Focus ST Discussions
    So basically someone smashed up my front end a a meet tonight and I’m gonna need a new front bumper, is there any sort of better looking front bumpers for the 13-14 st or would I only be able to find a stock one? Any input would be helpful, thank you!
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    Hey ST community. I recently just purchased a 2015 ST and loving it so far. It has 100,000 miles and still sounds strong. Don’t know much about the previous owners or anything maintenance wise but was just wondering moving forward what would be good to keep an eye on and things to check up on...
  6. Focus ST Maintenance
    I've been trying to pin down this problem for a while now on my '15 ST2 103k, looking to get some insight. Main Symptoms: Car seems generally underpowered Really loud exhaust when accelerating (mind you, this is the FP exhaust...) Hardly any down low torque, takes several seconds for torque to...
  7. Focus ST Maintenance
    Hey peeps, i'm at the end of a long road of swapping motors and i'm having issues getting the car to turn over. I've got a 2014 ST, swapped over a long block from a Ford Escape. In the process I pulled the head to check the internals and cleaned the surfaces/new gaskets/new head studs and put...
  8. Focus ST Electronics
    I jave a 2013 ford focus st2 but i was able to get st3 headlights out of a 2013 focus st3. I transferred them over to my st2 and reprogrammed the hid headlights to work correctly but i cant seem to get the cornering lights to turn on. I haven't been able to find the program inside focccus in...
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    Hello everyone! I’m new at this but just had a couple questions, I recently sold my 400 whp 335i and bought a 2014 focus st. What are some good first mods I can do to it and what should I add to try and get to 300 whp while also keeping a thread of reliability? I appreciate all your time!!
  10. Introductions
    Hello, I’ve recent purchased a whoosh motor sports catless downpipe, and when installing the DP I realized that the lower mounting bracket on the downpipe are closer than the factory DP. I ordered their exhaust hanger bracket hoping it would fix the issue but it has the same pin spacing as the...
  11. Focus ST Accessories
    Hi friends, so today i purchased a steering wheel with the integrated shiftlight and RPM display. My current issue i face is, I have an ST3 so im unsure how the installation process would be, going from heated steering -> non heated steering. cant find any videos or threads on the subject at...
  12. Focus ST Discussions
    Just blew the motor in my 2016 Focus ST. Are all 2.0 eco boost engines compatible? Or will I need a direct replacement?
  13. Focus ST Discussions
    Hey guys, couple of days ago I was leaving my work and saw that my battery light was on, (Later i figured that it turns off/on occasionally) naturally I went to check my cobb to see the codes, I always a U0284 code, since I do not have AGS whatsoever, I've had this car for year and a half now...
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    Hello, First time user of this forum. I did a ton of searching on this issue and I cant seem to find anything similar. I bought my 16 ST3 recently and the check engine light came on for both p0234 and p0299. over boost and under boost. I checked all the intake piping and vacuum lines going to...
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    I have a 2017 Ford Focus ST Last night i was deep cleaning the seats and carpets of my car. I take responsibility for the battery dying because i kept opening and closing the doors so it probably drained the battery. I ended up taking another race to work and when i got back i decided to jump...
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    Hi, So relatively recently my ST has been acting up. I had a battery light and I've taken it to the dealer twice, first they fixed a power draw from the headlights, the second time they told me to remove my aftermarket car alarm due to a power draw, so I did. They also replaced the positive...
  17. Focus ST Wheels and Tires
    What is the widest tire I can fit under a stock body focus st? I'm not opposed to rolling/pulling the fenders. Also, what are the dimensions of those wheels?
  18. Focus ST Maintenance
    So i put the stratified tune on i have intake bov charge pipes intercooler catless dp and exhaust but the tune has lead to a rish smell from the exhaust my afr on the low has gotten to 10.00 i know your not really supposed to do that but best i have right now gas mileage seems to be burning a...
  19. Focus ST Discussions
    Hello, I'm new here and not sure if this has been asked before. I'm looking for this style wheel. I can't really spend $400 per wheel, so if anyone has any recommendations on wheels similar to that style that's preferably under $250 per wheel, it would be much appreciated! Thanks.
  20. Focus ST Maintenance
    Hi guys I've been having a miss fire on my focus st 2013 the miss fire is from cylinder 1 what could be the problem? Thanks in advance
1-20 of 31 Results