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  1. Focus ST Discussions
    So I have been watching videos about how to change the wallpaper in my 2013 Focus ST Sync touchscreen. I noticed all the videos said USB flash drive. I don’t have one of those but I do have an SD card. So I’m like let’s try that. I don’t have a computer to I used an adapter so I could use my...
  2. Cars For Sale
    THE BASIC FACTS A. Item for sale/trade (model, specs, etc.): 2014 Ford Focus ST Tuxedo Black ST2 Package Moonroof Navigation 1-Owner with 80,575 miles adult owned Clean title - no accidents Miles will slowly increase Modifications: Stage 3 with a full Stratified tune Modifications included...
    $16,999 USD
  3. Focus ST Discussions
    So I’ve blown up my 2018 FoST and in need of a used motor for a good price…..I see there’s posts on here about the explorer motors being a direct fit just need to swap few simple things over. If anyone could enlighten me on what to get and where to get these motors or used motors anything at...
  4. Focus ST Electronics
    Hi, In my focus st couple days ago on highway abs light comes on with traction control and i lost power steering. I pulled over on side and after few minutes every lights turns off. Yesterday lights turns on again and they stay’s on. Every time when i start engine i can drive about one minute...
  5. Focus ST Discussions
    I know there are lots of threads about this but I just wanted to get some answers for my car's situation on fuel choices. So I have a 2013 Bone Stock focus ST with 118k miles/180k km on all original trans, motor, turbo, etc. I currently use 89 but is it worth going for 91 at the pump. I heard...
  6. My 2013 ST slowly building it!

    I have a 2013 focus ST by far my favorite car I am stock turbo FBO sitting on stock suspension currently on XXR 575
  7. Focus ST Maintenance
    Hi FocusST community! I'm not sure if this is normal for our cars, but no matter what position my headlamp switch is at on my car (off, lights on, auto), my headlamps are always on. To my understanding, during the day when my switch is in the off position, the LED strip at the top should just...
  8. Parts Wanted
    I am located in Sacramento California and am currently looking to buy a used FMIC or APv3 for my 2014 FoST. Prefer local transaction but will pay shipping if used through paypal business for purchase protection. HMU on Instagram for quicker response @BrentIsGhost
  9. Focus ST Discussions
    I'm considering replacing my Focus ST with the GT, but I'm worrying about daily driver things like space, drivability, comfort, etc. Specifically, I take a lot of day trips with my dog and I'm worried about going from the hatch and 4 door to the 2 door. Another issue, the roads around me are...
  10. Focus ST Maintenance
    Hello, new here, so let me try and make this as simple as possible. Yesterday I went to start my car (2013 FoST) and it stuttered and had a hard start. The RPM’s struggled to reach optimal level upon a cold start up, it kept chuckling as if it was fighting not to stall, and after about 50-60...
  11. Focus ST Wheels and Tires
    The official thread for the best-looking wheel for a Focus ST! Post a picture of your car with your NT03+M's with your suspension set-up and tire size!
  12. Focus ST News
    We've been hard at work trying to make the forum easier to access on the go and today we would like to present the Focus ST Forum Android App! Our new mobile app will allow you to easily participate and view discussions, post photos from your mobile device, and best of all IT'S...
1-12 of 12 Results