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  1. Focus ST Performance
    Want to get my car tuned to an e-30 tune but I'm not really sure how the process works. I am 16 and bought my 2015 focus st with full bolt ons and a custom 91-93 jst tune. I'm looking to probably stuck with the jst tune because that's what it has already. I want to get a e-30 tune bc my ign...
  2. Focus ST Discussions
    Hey I have a 2015 focus st with a 91/93 jst custom tune and I bought it with this on it already. Recently the knock sensor on the cobb ap like jumps from 0 to 1 but like for a split second but still says 0/1 knocks detected. Also the negative ign has been jumping a little bit compared to normal...
  3. AWE
    So I just installed the awe track edition on my 2017 focus st with full bolt on and stage 3 tune. I was giddy just waiting to start the car... Man I've never had a smile disappear so fast. I cant believe that my 2 1/4 inch Flowmaster is louder and meaner then the awe. Im not sure what people...
  4. Focus ST Accessories
    Does anyone know if it would hurt my turbo if i pretty much deleted my intake tube to the turbo and filtered it at the turbo?? Really want to hear some other input
  5. Focus ST Discussions
    Just recently I’ve installed a Steeda intercooler as well as a turbo smart blowoff valve. The car is having a some problems as in throttle response. I would put the gas pedal to the floor and it was accelerating slow and barely picking speed. I had reseted the ECU and the KAMs, but the problem...
  6. Focus ST Maintenance
    Hello, I bought my 2015 Focus ST about a year ago at around 74,827 miles. The car came with a Cobb cold air intake and a chopped exhaust as far as i know. This led me at the time to believe that this was someones first "fun" car or first car which means it could have either been beat on or...
  7. Parts for Sale
    A. Item for sale/trade (Magnaflow Catback exhaust system. Part# 15155): B. Condition: Used - Good C. Price/What you want to trade for: $469 D. Location of item: Cherry Grove, SC E.
  8. Focus ST Discussions
    So I recently purchased a 17 Focus ST 100% stock at 32,000 miles about 6 months ago. Since I got the car the vehicle is now stage 2+ and have gone stratified tuned. Something I’ve realized since I’ve owned the car is on warm starts the vehicle sometimes drops low in rpms and shutters. The rpms...
  9. Focus ST Discussions
    Has anybody purchased anything from levels perfomance in 2020? I’ve read reviews of customers saying they have been waiting for months and even years to receive their orders, has anything changed?
  10. Focus ST Suspension
    Hey everybody. First time poster, not an expert mechanic. 2013 Focus ST owner. No specific install videos for this kit, been searching for kit specific info but only finding b14 content. Are there big differences in b14 / b16 and any links, tips, info you could provide I'd be eternally...
  11. Focus ST Purchasing
    A week ago i bought a focus ST with 25k miles on it, it has a full exhaust, bov resonator delete and solid steeda motor mounts. When i test drove it it ran good and strong but i started noticing that on boost i feels like it stutters and missfires like hiccup any ideas of wat could it be the...
  12. Focus ST Discussions
    Hey guys I’m just wondering should the logs “that are asked to be done from stratified for the custom tune” be done on stage 0 or stage 1 Cobb tune??
  13. Focus ST Performance
    so Ive done a little research into the different stages and requirements, while using the COBB access port stages 2 and 3 say it requires a cobb front mount intercooler or equivalent, but when i input all of the parts Ive installed on my car it says i can go stage 3... there is an area where it...
1-13 of 13 Results