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focus st tire size
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  1. Focus ST Wheels and Tires
    Hello! I’m Focus ST (mk3 2013) owner. I’m amateur time-attack and sprint cup racer. I would like to buy a second wheels kit in 17”. But I don’t know what size of rims and tires suitable for my races. I was looking for tires and rims sizes in user's manual and on the doors sticker, but didn't...
  2. Focus ST Discussions
    I'm looking into buying some nto3 18x9.5 40 for my 15 focus st as well as some lowering springs and I was just wondering how low I can go and what tires people are fitting on this setup! I'm looking into 245/40s with the eibach pro kit but if I can fit that tire with the steeda lowering springs...
  3. Focus ST Wheels and Tires
    For those looking to possibly change the wheel and/or tire size on your ST. Use the calculator to see what happens to your speedometer reading when you change the size of your tires and wheels. The graphic shows your stock tire selection in an outline overlaid on your new tire...
1-3 of 3 Results