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  1. Focus ST Maintenance
    Hey all, I recently bought a 2013 ST3 (super pumped, love how it drives, and I'm enjoying learning how to drive stickshift) Among the quirks of buying a used car (cruise control shows KM/H when all my gauges and stuff are in mph, different colored rims, etc) is the fact that one headlight...
  2. Focus ST Electronics
    Heloo, 2 days ago i recived error on my screen, as the title says it was "Headlamp malfunction, service required". I saw that there is already simmilar thread but not answere by anyone so i ll try my luck :). Im driving 2017 Focus ST3 with HID headlights. I noticed that my passenger side...
  3. Focus ST Photo/Videos
    Here's a good photo of a white ST w/HIDs. Source: Twiiter
1-3 of 3 Results