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  1. Focus ST Discussions
    I just recently got AmeriLite Black Projector Headlights Plank-Bar For Ford Focus - Passenger and Driver Side for my 2014 Ford focus st 2.0 ecoboost. Now for some reason it says on website they don't work for st. But I'm seeing reviews they do and I had already bought before I saw the st...
  2. Focus ST Discussions
    so I’m trying to buy some new headlights for my 2013 focus st but there aren’t that many options & I saw that there are some ones that say they are for the 2015+, does anyone know if they changed the shape of fitment?
  3. Focus ST Electronics
    I jave a 2013 ford focus st2 but i was able to get st3 headlights out of a 2013 focus st3. I transferred them over to my st2 and reprogrammed the hid headlights to work correctly but i cant seem to get the cornering lights to turn on. I haven't been able to find the program inside focccus in...
  4. Focus ST Appearance
    I installed Osram's LEDDriving XENARC Headlights today and they look awesome! Only issue I have is the Left turn signal is hyper flashing when the car is running but not when the car is off if anyone could point me in the right direction that would be sweet, thanks in advance Heres a pic of my...
  5. Focus ST Guides
    Hey guys, it's Brian from Simple DIY Sync 3 Upgrades and Guides |! I've been meaning to do this write up for a while, so I figured now is as good of as a time as any since I've seen this question come up in the forum recently. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find a decent...
  6. Focus ST Maintenance
    Hi FocusST community! I'm not sure if this is normal for our cars, but no matter what position my headlamp switch is at on my car (off, lights on, auto), my headlamps are always on. To my understanding, during the day when my switch is in the off position, the LED strip at the top should just...
  7. Focus ST Appearance
    Hey guys I recently bought my 2016 st1 and I have been doing a lot of night driving and realized my brights suck. My fog lights are awesome but don't shine very far. I attached some pictures, if anybody has any idea as to (a) if these are aftermarket, (b) if they are any idea what they are? And...
  8. Focus ST Maintenance
    Hey guys I have a bone stock 2018 focus ST and I was driving down the road and noticed the road seemed darker then normal. Upon further digging I found that my low beams were not working. My high beams, fogs and LED strips were all working as normal and even the adaptive headlights for the...
  9. Focus ST Discussions
    Hi to everyone. Today i've bumped into a guardrail and i've broken my right side headlight. I have the xeno version that follows the steering wheel (adaptive light beam) and i'm looking for a replacement. Is there anyone who knows an online shop that sells a compatible replacement? I'm also...
  10. Parts Wanted
    Need aftermarket headlights and taillights for my 2013 focus st Located in Buffalo NY
  11. Focus ST Maintenance
    Drivers headlight failed and replaced with OSRAM 66340 D3S bulb. New bulb not working. Original bulb was OSRAM 66340HBI D3S. Are these interchangeable? Trying to determine if it’s a bulb issue or if additional trouble shooting is warranted.
  12. Focus ST Appearance
    Wondering if anyone has installed aftermarket headlights and have any suggestions on some good ones?
  13. Focus ST Photo/Videos
    Here's a good photo of a white ST w/HIDs. Source: Twiiter
1-13 of 13 Results