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  1. Focus ST Appearance
    Just stumbled across these while checking out a site I used to buy Euro parts from. Says they fit the MK3. Wonder how easy of a swap it would be. Very tempting.
  2. Focus ST Purchasing
    Ok all. We qualify for the X-Plan so I decided to run though a pricing scenario. This is the X-Plan price on a pretty much loaded ST 2013 Focus ST 202A Package Tangerine Scream Power Moonroof MSRP: $30,320 X-Plan: $28,743 Savings: $1577
  3. Focus ST Detailing
    There are lots of choices for car car products. The one I highly recommend is Zaino. This is top shelf stuff. You can only buy it direct or from a few select outlets in NJ. I have been using it for years on my bikes and cars. The great thing about Zaino polishes is you can polish your whole...
  4. Focus ST Photo/Videos
    Here's a good photo of a white ST w/HIDs. Source: Twiiter
1-4 of 4 Results