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  1. Focus ST Discussions
    ‘14 Focus ST has a rear main seal leak so planning to install a new clutch kit, flywheel, and slave cylinder with the new rear main seal. Performance wise car is stock, no tune or anything. Only mods are a HiP muffler and a bov. Not looking to upgrade anything per se, more so just preventative...
  2. Focus ST Performance
    Once I'm done getting everything in, I'll be right around 450 HP/TQ. It's my daily driver and at some point, I plan to build the engine and go higher on the big turbo side (though, probably at that point, it'll be a track car). That said, what clutch do I go with? It's my daily driver so I...
  3. Parts Wanted
    What's good y'all, i bought a Spec Clutch but wasnt aware that the stock flywheel is dual mass so technically not useful. if anyone is selling a flywheel that is compatible with a Spec clutch please let me know. Question: Are Fidanza Flywheel compatible with Spec Clutches? you can also...
  4. Focus ST Maintenance
    What’s good y’all, so i recently bought a Spec Clutch and was curious if i should have also bought a flywheel as well since i am not too sure if the OEM flywheel will work well with the new clutch. Give me your insight and if i should pull the trigger to buy a new flywheel, if so send them...
  5. Focus ST Maintenance
    Hello! Do any of you know what the torque specifications are for the flywheel bolts AND the pressure plate bolts for a Stage 2 Competition Clutch and Flywheel? I can only find them for the OEM flywheel and pressure plate. Thanks in advance!!
  6. Focus ST Discussions
    Will any OEM RS clutch fit the ST with a lightweight flywheel designed for the stock ST clutch? Also, where is a good place to buy an RS clutch kit? I cannot seem to find one on Ford's website.
  7. Focus ST Discussions
    My 2016 Focus ST is having clutch issues. It was slipping for a few weeks and finally sh** the bed a few days ago. Essentially was driving at highway speed while in 6th and the car was reving around 400 rpm, way higher than usual. As well the indicator was telling me to upshift to 6th. I go...
  8. Focus ST Maintenance
    Has anyone had to replace their starter? What were the symptoms leading up to it (if any) or was it just outright failure/would not start? I have had a random issue where I go to start the car and the starter doesnt engage fully, it makes a fast grinding type noise until I release the clutch...
1-8 of 8 Results