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    Hey guys, I currently have my blow off valve tapped into the solenoid, I’m after a bit of flutter ( not getting any at the moment ), I’ve tried tightening my blow off valve to no avail. Will routing the blow off valve to the symposer delete help get more flutter ? I’m running a gfb dvx+. thanks !
  2. Focus ST Performance
    I drive a 2018 Focus st with about 42k miles on it. I haven’t done many upgrades aside from minor appearance stuff as well as a sound sympose delete and an injen cold air intake. A couple days ago I purchased a COBB Acessport and plugged it in and mapped the OTS stage 1 tune. Car is running fine...
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    Hey so I wana get the natural intake Noises from the turbo .Like the bov and flutter noises from the bpv. I took off the intake cover and hear it nicely but when you close the hood you don’t hear a thing. Any input on making it louder? Many thanks in advance
1-3 of 3 Results