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    Hey guys I have a full bolt on , solid mount , ngk 1 step colder plugs & a stratified flash tune on my 13 focus st , I read up on their website to gap plugs at 0.25-0.26 so I gapped mine to 0.25 since they widen over time. Car seems to be running great but people are telling me that’s way too...
  2. Focus ST Performance
    I've been reading/lurking after buying a stock 2017 ST. Ended up deciding to do a RMM, FBO, and a tune. While I was waiting on parts and a time to do the install, I started reseaching/reading and seeing some possibly negative reviews regarding the Mountune intercooler comparing charge temps to...
  3. STacey3

    Power & mechanical : FBO E30 K&N drop in, open filter 3.5” Deporacing intercooler 3” deporacing catless downpipe 2.5” Ford Performance Cat back GFB diverter valve Velossatech big mouth snorkel Cobb accessport V3 Stratified automotive controls E30&93 dual map tunes (Extreme,progressive, and...
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1-3 of 3 Results