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engine misfire
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    Hey guys, new to the forum so if this isn’t in the right spot please move it, thanks! sold my 2.0T genesis a few weeks ago and picked up a stock ‘17 st3 w 70k kilometers on it. Drove it stock for a while and got bored pretty quick, so I threw in a stage 1 Cobb kit and flashed over to stage one...
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    My focus st was throwing a code so I went to autozone and had them scan it. It came back the cylinder 2 was misfiring. Later that week I downshifted and she cel started flashing and the engine was running ROUGH so I pulled into a parking lot and turned it off and started it up again and it was...
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    '13 Focus ST - 80,000 miles. Never replaced the spark plugs. Got a Stratified 93 tune 2 years ago (no bolt ons). Purchased NGK one step colder plugs. Installed them this afternoon. I gapped them to the recommended .026 by Stratified. I torqued them by hand and feel, not with a torque wrench. I...
1-3 of 3 Results