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    Hi Guys, I have a 2016 FOST and live in Australia. I have recently just got a custom e30 tune and need to fill up for the first time. Im a bit uneducated when it comes to fuels. I was using the online calculator Use the tool below to calculate an ethanol mix! Although this I do not understand...
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    hey guys just got an ST about a month ago and my AP finally came in! I was just wondering if running E30 on a stock ( cobb air filter, symposer delete, RMM.) ST is safe and okay???? I’m in the midwest and we only have 91 premium. Is that okay to mix for E30?
  4. STacey3

    Power & mechanical : FBO E30 K&N drop in, open filter 3.5” Deporacing intercooler 3” deporacing catless downpipe 2.5” Ford Performance Cat back GFB diverter valve Velossatech big mouth snorkel Cobb accessport V3 Stratified automotive controls E30&93 dual map tunes (Extreme,progressive, and...
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1-4 of 4 Results