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  1. Want to Buy 4 port cylinder head

    Parts for Sale
    Looking for a 4 exhaust port cylinder head new or used as long as there is no catastrophic damage. Willing to work with you on shipping. Thanks in advance.
    $999 USD
  2. Focus ST Discussions
    Hey just wanted to get a little bit of a side opinion from the community on a couple things. I recently bought a 2013 Focus ST @ 127800 km. I drove it for about 5000km and has a sweeter smell coming from my exhaust and a small amount of white smoke during cold start. I proceeded to bring it in...
  3. Focus ST Builds
    I know the stock engine is good up to 350/360 with a big turbo, plus with aux fuel up to 440/450ish. I know to go beyond that you need a ‘built’ engine. I am wondering, is this a build cylinder head or the block or both? What parts are generally upgraded when building an engine for more power...
  4. Focus ST Maintenance
    I have a misfire on cylinder 4 and very low compression on that cylinder only, I’ve heard the ringlands tend to go on these engines but I want to get inside and diagnose exactly what is wrong whether it be the valves seals, ringlands or anything else. No warranty. Can you remove the cylinder...
1-4 of 4 Results