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    After a couple days of wrenching and working out clunks, (with help from a buddy and the use of a local vo-tech classes lift) got my set of BC’s on! Rear is sitting a little lower than the front but I’ll get her sitting level once everything settles in. First impressions are great. Car rides...
  2. Focus ST Suspension
    Hello long time lurker and have owned a couple ST's .Anyway the 14 I currently own has been clunking and popping up front and it was diagnosed as the strut and mounts so I decided to go all new and upgrade with some coilovers. I ordered new front strut mounts and bushings as well...the only...
  3. Focus ST Suspension
    Hey y'all, I got a suspension questions and I couldn't find similar forum threads I just purchased Bilstein B14 coilovers kit and adjustable end links for the front and rear of my 2015 focus st. Do I need to buy anything else to make the job easier or things I'll want to buy and replace or...
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    trying to install front struts. i cant push the spindle down far enough to fit the strut under the strut tower, or even under the fender for that matter. there is just not enough play to fit it in there, unlike what cjponyparts suggests. any help is appreciated. st-x coilovers on a 2016 st
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    I'm a person who dailies my ST, about 18 miles a day. I live in PA obviously it's winter, so we have potholes that are more like craters. That being said, I'm trying to find a good looking way to lower my car -- on a budget. I know form over function isn't a good way to build a car, but I was...
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    I want to lower my car a lot and I’m just wondering what are some good options you guys know of to get the most low for a good price.
  7. Focus ST Suspension
    Recently, I purchased some Feal 441+ Road Race Spec Coilovers through Turn 8 Track Days. They have special offers as well as a close connection to their partners that allows for quick communication. Here’s a review of my experience since there aren’t too many reviews on this coilover. If you...
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    yo guys, just bought a 2017 st and from the research ive done people seem to think coils are a great first upgrade to the oem car. Right now I am conosidering st, bc br, or fortune autos. I really just want a set that will last with quality parts and no rusting as I go to school in ga but...
  9. RallySport Direct
    I can barely keep track of what day of the week it is anymore, so today is as good a day as any to sell you some coilovers from ST Suspension at a discount. Click the link below for a set today!
  10. Focus ST Suspension
    I know there are a lot of threads discussing spring rates. However, I havent seen any mentioning the spring rates that I am seeing would be the best fit for me and I'm wondering exactly why that is. I havent had my car corner weighed, but I have seen corner weights for one that was pretty...
  11. Focus ST Suspension
    Hey everybody. First time poster, not an expert mechanic. 2013 Focus ST owner. No specific install videos for this kit, been searching for kit specific info but only finding b14 content. Are there big differences in b14 / b16 and any links, tips, info you could provide I'd be eternally...
  12. Parts for Sale
    Located near Charlotte, NC but don’t mind driving a few hours or paying for shipping. Looking for a decent set of coilovers for DDing and occasional Track use, only want to spend around $500, lmk what you have. Thanks!
  13. Parts Wanted
    Need coilovers for a 2013 focus st, no specific brand as of now Located in Buffalo NY
1-14 of 14 Results