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  1. Focus ST Accessories
    Hey I was doing research and never got a definitive yes or no. Would I be able to use a RS unmarried accessport if I downloaded Cobb tunes for the focus st? Need to know asap!!! Thank you!
  2. Focus ST Maintenance
    So i put the stratified tune on i have intake bov charge pipes intercooler catless dp and exhaust but the tune has lead to a rish smell from the exhaust my afr on the low has gotten to 10.00 i know your not really supposed to do that but best i have right now gas mileage seems to be burning a...
  3. Parts for Sale
    Selling the car so gotta start parting out, I’ll add more as I go back to stock accessport $300 SOLD, turbo $150
  4. COBB Tuning
    I bought a tuner and this is what it saids when I plug it in and now I have no tune and my car is maxing out at 7lbs of boost I tryed updating it and it's still doesn't work when I first connect it shows the grill of my car JUST BOUGHT IT OFF friend it is unmarried HELP!!
  5. Parts for Sale
    I am selling parts from my Focus ST. I prefer to just drive the car stock keep since it's my daily and want to just upgrade the suspension going forward. I have a couple parts I pulled off the car and put them up for sale. They are listed below with the mileage they were on the car for. Prices...
  6. Focus ST Performance
    so Ive done a little research into the different stages and requirements, while using the COBB access port stages 2 and 3 say it requires a cobb front mount intercooler or equivalent, but when i input all of the parts Ive installed on my car it says i can go stage 3... there is an area where it...
1-6 of 6 Results