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  1. Focus ST Discussions
    Moral of the story, I need to sell the FoST :( and squeeze as many pennies as I can out of the sale... Any thoughts to my list of mods, pricing used mods, what to keep on the car, or what anyone might want from the car? I'd be willing to split shipping if there are interested parties. Northeast...
  2. Stratified Automotive Controls
    HI, I have a 2016 ford focus st with catback exhaust with high flow cats and no mufflers, an rs intake, a kompact bov. I'm already tuned with the loud crackle tune and i was wondering what other options i should go for to have the most fun and the most power in my car. Thanks
  3. Focus ST Discussions
    I have a Cobb exhaust for my focus that I want to put on. Since I’m still running the stock down pipe what kind of adapters are available or what do I need? Any links would be much appreciated!
  4. Focus ST Builds
    Bought my car over 5 years now at about 60k miles. I've put a lot of time and care into the vehicle and it has truly been an amazing experience. I have finally found myself in a financial position to be able to mod it and once it's back from the body shop I'll begin. Quick back story: I was...
  5. Focus ST Discussions
    Hey COBB/FORD software engineers, I was wondering how you are able to enable launch control or 2 step in the MED17 ECU. I am a factory calibrator/guru and would love to see how you did it. ;) I'm curious to see if you used the FORD protocols in the FACTORY ECU SOFTWARE or just deleted them out...
  6. Focus ST Discussions
    i've seen a lot of posts online about COBB's new update, a lot of people have a lot of nasty things to say about COBB's business as a whole. However personally I think that COBB is doing what they have to do if they want to stay in business. It is very unfortunate however the right thing to do...
  7. Focus ST Discussions
    So I was adjusting my Cobb intake pipe and the one screw the holds it down broke. I’m currently in the process of trying to get it removed. Would it cause damage or harm if I let my intake pipe only be connected by the silicone sleeves ?
  8. Focus ST Discussions
    I know about the Short Throw Shifter plate from Cobb that can make your shifts 20%, 30%, or 40% shorter depending on which of the 3 holes you choose to put the little screw-in ball that clicks to the shifter cable, But I don't think I have the same plate as the one flooding YouTube. FYI, I...
  9. Sold Sold Sold
    Selling my old AccessPort since I sold the car. The device is unmarried and ready to install. It comes with the default Cobb tunes already on it. Let me know if you have any questions. Asking $375 $300 shipped.
    $300 USD
  10. Sold Sold Sold
    THE BASIC FACTS A. Item for sale/trade (model, specs, etc.): COBB Acessport V3. I confirmed it's unmarried, forgot to grab pics. Can get then if needed though. B. Condition: New In box, Used, Good, Fair, Dented, etc. Used in excellent condition. Cord has all tabs intact. C. Price/What you...
  11. Focus ST Discussions
    hey guys I have a question about the cel for having a catless downpipe. if I buy the Stratified Flash tune will they disable the Cel that the catless downpipe throws? I currently am on the stock tune due to having a SCT and not a Cobb and I am going to buy a Cobb AP and get a Strat tune as well.
  12. Parts for Sale
    SOLD SOLD SOLD A. Item for sale/trade: NEW Cobb Accessport v3 for Focus ST B. Condition: New In box C. Price/What you want to trade for: $500 shipped D. Location of item: Ohio (southeast) Details: This is a brand new, never used, never married AP3. I purchased this from Monstertuned in a...
  13. Focus ST Maintenance
    I was cruising around town at about 40mph in 5th gear when my speedometer (both the gauge and the digital one in the display) suddenly just dropped to zero while my ABS and Traction Control lights turned on. Seemed to have lost power steering, or at least it felt like it was effected in some...
  14. COBB Tuning
    Hi guys, Ive managed to lose my usb to hr5 cable (the cable that connects your Accessport to computer) does anyone know if I can by a generic cable and it will still work ? or does it have to be a USB to HR5 cable from Cobb? Cheers
  15. Focus ST Discussions
    I just got a Cobb accessport yesterday. I’ve had an Injen cold air intake installed for about 3 months.. I installed the Stage 1 91 OCT tune from Cobb themselves.. I checked my gauges and set one to hp level and one to torque level.. On a wide open pull, my torque levels reached to about 250 but...
  16. Focus ST Performance
    Hey guys, I can’t decide for the life of me which exhaust catback system to go with... basically i’m looking to get louder, but not super loud and obnoxious. At the same time not too quiet, I want to keep some of those nice burbles and tone My too choices are the Borla and the Cobb catbacks. Can...
  17. Focus ST Discussions
    Hey guys, I recently bought a COBB CAI from a buddy, but it's missing the coupler for the turbo side of the aluminum tubing. Am I correct in assuming that the factory stuff down there won't connect with the intake tubing? If not, what could be my options? Does anyone sell just the couplers...
  18. Dyno 02.04.2021 W GTX2867R - COBB GESI Catted Down Pipe - TB Performance Resonator Delete - St...JPG

    Stock Turbo vs GEN2 GTX2867R - Power Adders (GTX2867R, COBB GESI Catted Down Pipe, CP-E Core Intercooler, JBR (Intake, Hot Pipe, Cold Pipe) Tial BOV, TB Performance Resonator Delete. Still on Stock after Resonator Delete Exhaust.
  19. IMG_2617.JPG

    Cerakoted COBB GESI 300 Catted Downpipe
  20. Focus ST Builds
    Hey guys and gals, After installing the last small couple of things I’m left wondering what to do next to my build. And I was also wondering what stage my build would be at with what I’ve put on its a 2013 focus st with the following mods: Cobb accessport Cobb RMM Cobb turbo-back exhaust + Cobb...
1-20 of 35 Results