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    So having a couple more issues with my 13 mk3 st I’m getting the engine fault code and my car isn’t it blowing off (Turbosmart BOV) aswell as hesitating to take off at medium throttle it’s backfiring a lot and I have theese 2 codes p0236 and p2227 if anyone’s had this and figured it out please...
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    hey guys I have a question about the cel for having a catless downpipe. if I buy the Stratified Flash tune will they disable the Cel that the catless downpipe throws? I currently am on the stock tune due to having a SCT and not a Cobb and I am going to buy a Cobb AP and get a Strat tune as well.
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    Hello, I just recently bought my focus st but also bought it with a CEL code P0340 and P0344. I don’t know too much about the mods but I know it has a intake, full mbrp exhaust, and a stage 3 Cobb ots, which I might switch back to stage 1 or 2 because I don’t have an intercooler. I’ve already...
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    Hey guys, couple of days ago I was leaving my work and saw that my battery light was on, (Later i figured that it turns off/on occasionally) naturally I went to check my cobb to see the codes, I always a U0284 code, since I do not have AGS whatsoever, I've had this car for year and a half now...
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    I’m getting a misfire under acceleration that gets worse as the car heat soaks. At first it’s only when you get on it hard but eventually you can’t get more than 10% throttle without it spitting and sputtering. It backfires out the exhaust when it misses and black smoke comes out the exhaust...
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    Want to start off with thank you for taking the time to read this! I have a 2016 Focus ST with a MBRP Catback with a Resonator delete, and a Megan racing catless downpipe. Today after getting my downpipe installed and flashing my stratified tune, i started it up and began driving to receive a...
1-6 of 6 Results