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  1. Focus ST Suspension
    I've been looking at these here for my Focus ST. I'm currently running Bilstein B8's and Spec-R springs. My question is, are spec-r springs or any other lowering spring for that matter, considered "OEM spring inner diameter"? I also noticed that they state "German axial load bearings (not...
  2. Focus ST Suspension
    Hello everyone, so pretty much I’m having an issue with my lowering springs rubbing and popping. About five days ago I changed all my four shocks on my car since I’ve had my car now for eight years and my two front shocks started leaking. I went ahead and bought all four new oem Ford shocks and...
  3. Introductions
    This will be long, but just wanted to have a good introduction! lol I just recently bought my first ST. The Magnetic grey 2017 ST1. My '11 Camaro was totaled, of course right after paying it off. I felt that it was time to leave the mini trucks and wide bodies alone and get something I have...
1-3 of 3 Results