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    I know the stock engine is good up to 350/360 with a big turbo, plus with aux fuel up to 440/450ish. I know to go beyond that you need a ‘built’ engine. I am wondering, is this a build cylinder head or the block or both? What parts are generally upgraded when building an engine for more power...
  2. Focus ST Builds
    Hello Everyone! First off, I made the massive mistake of not starting this build log when I purchased the car, so I will list my current build in the middle of this post. I purchased my Focus ST1 Package in July from Carvana sight unseen with 21K on the clock, and from what I could gather from...
  3. Focus ST Builds
    Hey Guys! Figured I’d go in depth about my build and where it stands currently! Start off it’s a 2016 ST1 Mods will be Mahle Pistons Manley Rods ARP Head Studs AF Dynamics Intake Custom Intercooler Catless 1320 Downpipe Garrett Big Turbo Upgrade Tial Q Blow Off Valve Damond Motor Mount. I’m...
1-3 of 3 Results