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    I'm checking if anyone has experience with running CEIKA Custom Big Brake Kits on the Track. I have been researching for a week now trying to determine what option to go with. CEIKA has many options from 4POT to 8POT calipers, both front and rear. I have been communicating back and forth with...
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    Hi, I just replaced the brake pads as I was hearing a loud scraping noise from the wheel areas primarily the rear brakes. It was a ****ty brake pad noise, but there was also noise before I put in the new pads which was a almost plastic scraping noise when I was nearly at a full stop (E.G crappy...
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    Recently I was driving a little fast on the Blue Ridge Parkway and enjoying the road and the view. When I got off the parkway I got onto very steep section of road. I was driving somewhat fast but I wasn't pushing the car to its limits. I was attempting to engine brake but as everyone knows the...
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    Hey all, First post here. After switching my winter tires out I decided to replace my brakes on my 2018 FoST. The OEM were already rusty even though they only have 13k miles on them, so I wanted to replace them with coated rotors as well as ceramic pads to cut down on the dust as well. Long...
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    I was told that the Ford Escape uses the same brake calipers as the Focus ST. Can anyone confirm this? I am searching for a complete set of calipers to strip, powdercoat and use on my 2014 Focus ST and hoped I could broaden my search. Part numbers would be MOST helpful. Thank you in advance.
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    So yesterday I changed my rear rotors and pads. I used a C clamp to depress the pistons in the calipers before putting them back in because I was not aware that they screw in and you need a special tool. I used a lot of force when using the C clamp and i'm worried I messed up the caliper...
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    Anyone know of any aftermarket brake pads available yet for the Focus ST?