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  1. Focus ST Discussions
    Hey y’all, I just bought a Turbosmart BOV for my 2013 ST. I can hear it “leaking” air at lower rpm and I was only making 12 pounds of boost so I tightened the spring. Now I’m making like 17 psi max but I still hear it leaking a little bit as I progress through the revs. Is this normal? I’m new...
  2. Focus ST Performance
    When should a BOV release pressure based on turbo boost? Lately I have noticed that my BOV is opening up sooner than it used to. Now it will release air even at -2 or -1 boost. Is there something I need to tighten? Is this normal? Should I replace it? I am worried about boost leaks, but I...
  3. Focus ST Discussions
    I have recently purchased the Panda Motorworks BOV Flow Kit with the Turbosmart Race Port BOV. This will be the new valve for my new GTX 2867R Gen2. It is a hot side mounted BOV and I am trying to figure out how to route the vacuum lines using the sound symposer delete as a true vacuum source...
  4. Focus ST Turbo Upgrades
    I am going to put on the BOV this weekend and there are 3 pieces I am questioning what they are used for? It wasn't mentioned in the instructions. Does anybody know?
1-4 of 4 Results