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bad turbo
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    Hey all I have a 13 with 94k miles , intake & catback exhaust. I’m running the stage 0 tune & I’ve been monitoring my car etc, when I do a 3rd gear pull from 2,500 my turbo makes a flutter noise & goes away a little after , doesn’t do it in 1st or 2nd , just a 3rd gear pull you can hear it...
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    Hey everyone, so ,my cars been making a weird high pitched whistle, seems seprated from the turbo spool but coexists with it. I feel like it may be the turbo bc of it being in the turbo area of the car. I may have the placebo effect but the car doesn’t feel as torquey on the butt dyne but gets...
  3. Focus ST Turbo Upgrades
    So I want to start this out by saying this is my first post and I'm very much a new and learning mechanic, so bare with me. With that being said, here's the deal. My car was running great one day, so I started doing a pull. Mid-pull the car jolted forward and had a large power loss. It felt as...
1-3 of 3 Results