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aux fuel
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    Hey fellas! Recently finished replacing my previous motor due to ringland failure, and while I was in there I installed a used GTX2860 I picked up for a steal. After ironing out some of the finicky electrical nonsense the car runs great, with not a single issue or noise other than what I suspect...
  2. Focus ST Performance
    Is anyone running the Mountune manifold with their fuel rail as an aux fuel solution? If so what injectors and controller are you using? How did you connect the fuelling as it looks like the rail - is literally, just a rail... they don't specify any connections in the kit. The bonus is that...
  3. Focus ST Builds
    Whats up guys? My name is Nic and I am currently on deployment. I'll be coming home here in a few months and I have big plans for the ST when I do. I wanted to make a build thread so I can take you guys with me on my adventure since I'll be building from sub 300whp all the way to almost 450whp...
1-3 of 3 Results