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  1. Dyno 02.04.2021 W GTX2867R - COBB GESI Catted Down Pipe - TB Performance Resonator Delete - St...JPG

    Stock Turbo vs GEN2 GTX2867R - Power Adders (GTX2867R, COBB GESI Catted Down Pipe, CP-E Core Intercooler, JBR (Intake, Hot Pipe, Cold Pipe) Tial BOV, TB Performance Resonator Delete. Still on Stock after Resonator Delete Exhaust.
  2. Parts Wanted
    My apologies if this was done incorrectly (it’s my first post), but I was curious if there was anyone looking to part with their gtx turbo? I’m in the market for one, but I would prefer to buy a used one in good condition to save some money and to also support a local member.
  3. Focus ST Discussions
    I just finished installing my ATP GT3071r, first start up seemed fine. it had a little rising smoke from the turbo just breaking in. After it settled everything was fine. Then it sprung an oil leak from the oil feed like from ATP. Common issue ? it’s coming from the 90 degree fitting. it seems...
  4. Focus ST Discussions
    So I have a ATP Garret GT3071R, I need to obviously use a BOV now with this set up. I really do not want to pay for a freaking pipe for almost $250 dollars, I saw ATP offers the elbow with the flange for it. Im gonna run stock charge pipes for now, I'm not gonna be running large amounts of...
1-4 of 4 Results